January 2017, Lynnette write:

Mary has been so amazing as my trainer continuing to push me out of my comfort zone, teaching me the proper techniques, as that has been a challenge for me from the very beginning.  She doesn’t allow me to stop or give up and I am very excited to continue my journey with her into 2017 to achieve my goals!!

– Lynnette trains in-home 2-3 days per week

December 2016, Andrea writes:

How lucky was I when I came across your ad on Kijiji?  You have inspired me to take giant steps to being a healthier, fitter and happier person.  You have a knack for being supportive yet tough.  While I continue to struggle, I know that the lessons you have taught me will stay with me for a lifetime.  Thank you for everything.

– Andrea has been consistently training with me on a weekly basis and continues to do so.

July 2016, Sarah writes:

I reached out to Mary in February because my confidence was low, I was feeling frustrated with the 40 pounds I had gained, and I didn’t know where else to go.  I had a gym membership for a long time, and I had other personal trainers, but the results would never stick.  Within minutes of meeting Mary, I knew my life would change – for the best and likely forever!  Mary’s instant knowledge about calorie intake, and training, made me feel like I was able to achieve my goals, even with a busy lifestyle.  Mary and I trained together once a week for 3 months, and I can honestly say I was blown away at my results.  I never thought I would reach my weight loss goal, or even get close to it, and I can proudly say I only have 5 pounds to go!  Mary not only trained me, but she educated me on nutrition.  Mary educated me on how to make healthier choices that would help me stay on track with my busy lifestyle.  Mary is an excellent personal trainer who came prepared with a program specifically for me, her expectations for me were realistic and suited for me, and most importantly, she was a huge support during my journey.  Anytime that I needed Mary, or was feeling like it was a good idea to eat a hamburger, poutine, pizza, or ice cream, Mary was there for me!  If I would reach out to her, she would quickly offer a substitution that have, no doubt, helped save my waist line.  The best thing about Mary is that she truly cares and is truly passionate about her client’s needs, and she makes your goal, her goal.  I believe the reason I have seen so much success with Mary, is because she genuinely loves being a personal trainer, and she genuinely loves to help people feel better about themselves.  She truly is the best trainer I have had, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to see results.  Mary honestly changed my life, and I finally have hope that my life will be healthy moving forward.  She taught me how to make healthier choices, and that is truly invaluable.

– Sarah reached her goals of being healthier and fitter for pregnancy and is now pregnant!

June 2016, Kerri writes:

Thank you for being you.  I have so enjoyed your boot camps over the last months.  I feel stronger, more motivated, I feel great.  I’ll miss your sessions over the summer…but I’ll be back!

– Kerri is back!

June 2016, Anne writes:

Thanks for making boot camp a great way to spend Wednesday (and some Saturday’s.)  I look forward to continuing again in August!

– Anne was back for August and all through the fall.

October 2015, Vera writes:

Thanks for your positive motivation and all the help and support you have given to my healthier lifestyle.

October 2015, Anne writes:

Do you ever wonder why you never started the fitness program that you always thought about?  Did you ever start one and then never continue with what you started?  The answer for both of these is that you haven’t met Mary yet.  Mary has been a huge part of my success these past 10 months and I KNOW I wouldn’t have been able to continue without her support.  She is a true gem amongst a multitude of fitness trainers and truly has her clients best interest in mind.  No matter how hard a challenge has been for me, she keeps me on track because she believes in me.  She has gotten to know me, has figured out what makes me tick, knows which buttons to push and knows when I need a little extra help.  Her motivation, commitment and belief in me has kept me going longer and stronger than I thought possible.  It’s been 10 months of ‘Mary’ and I wish I had known about her earlier.  Thank you Mary, for believing in me and helping me to look and feel amazing, especially in my head!

– Anne has been consistently training with me for 2 years!

August 2015, Anne writes:

Thank you for your endless and supportive emails!  You have no idea how much they mean to me.  Your guidance and advice and care are truly appreciated.

October 2014, Laurie writes:

I’ve had the pleasure of having Mary be my personal trainer for the past 10 sessions.  It has been a challenging, exhausting but an amazing empowering experience.  I’ve learned so much from Mary.  She has taught me proper form.  New exercises.  Exercises to target all muscle groups.  She has pushed me hard not letting me cheat myself and having me accomplish more than I thought I could.  I can run 4.7km!  As well as the workout component she has also taught me the proper foods to eat before and after workouts.  Mary is a great trainer.