About Me



I bring over 14 years of education and experience in the Fitness and Weight Loss Industry; having started with management of corporate fitness, along with one-on-one consultations, personal training and Boot Camp in the areas of Health and Nutrition, Weight Management and Personal Fitness.


My philosophy towards achieving a healthy lifestyle for my clients is to look at their current everyday lifestyle. From nutrition to physical activity, rest and energy levels, every aspect of your well-being is assessed. You are not alone. I will work with you to set realistic and attainable goals, keep you motivated, counsel and educate you so that you are always challenged and always rewarded with results.


If you can put your mind and heart in achieving your goal, you can overcome your challenges successfully. Everyone is different; their strengths and needs are different and I will work to build with you a lifestyle you can manage and enjoy!


Personal Trainer, Can Fit Pro Certified  IMG_8842_

LeBoot Certified, Lebert Fitness

Children’s Fitness Coach, Can Fit Pro Certified

Boot Camp Certified, START Fitness

YOGA with RAB, Can Fit Pro Certified



I like to utilize a variety of fitness disciplines and equipment in my training to best suit each client.  Some of my goto equipment in which I posses extensive experience with include: Stability Ball, BOSU, step, kettle bells, resistance tubing, Lebert Equalizer and Buddy System.  I use a mix of Body-Weight, Weight training, Circuit training and Boot Camp to improve Cardio, Strength, Muscle Endurance and Flexibility all while working toward your goals and infuse a healthy mindset and body.

I truly love working with small groups and individuals that are interested and committed to a healthier version of themselves!

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